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Thank you for your custom! You are now joining the group of learner-drivers wanting to improve their driving skills. We appreciate your faith in us to help you achieve this.

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48 HOURS (2 days) NOTICE is required to cancel or change a pre-booked lesson. 5 days for intensive courses.

If your cancellation is late, you will be charged in full for the cancelled lessons. Cancellation is based on current standard rate.

Admin Charges

If you book and cancell your own driving Tests, we do not charge you for it.

If, however, we cancell a driving test on your behalf, an administration charge of £15.00 will be deducted from the sums you've paid.

If we book a driving test the total cost, including administrative charges is £80.00 weekdays, & £95.00. However, we do not transer the extra cost of booking test to you if you complete the driving course booked on your behalf.

We will, however, chrage the applicable said amount above if you do not complete a driving test course we booked on your behalf.

Where you request a refund 60 days after your initial payment, there will be an additional £45.00 admin charge. This is becasue going back into our archives incurs time, & charges.

Details of our refund policy

Basically, it is cheaper for you to book your own driving test so that we do not have to charge you for our adminstration of said driving test.

We have very few complaints when it comes to managing your payment. This is becasue we make the small print bigger for you to see and undersand. This is written in plain English. However, if you are unsure about anything, please do write in to our:

Instructors tuition vehicle Customer Service Team
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Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 6RB United Kingdom
0844 811 43 83
07806 193 453
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Youtube: JMDrivingInstructor.